BASH & POP Friday Night Is Killing Me

BASH & POP Friday Night Is Killing Me 1993 Sire 320 kbps

Never aim to please / Hang Ups / Loose ends / One more time / Tickled to tears / Nothing / Fast & hard / Friday night ( is killing me) / He means it / 10 tiny pieces / First steps .

Produced by Don Smith .

Bash & Pop : Tommy Stinson : vocals , guitar / Steve Foley : drums / Kevin Foley : bass , background vocals / Steve Brantseg : guitar / Don Smith : knobs and bulbs .

Tommy Stinson's first attempt at a post-Replacements band of his own, the short-lived Bash & Pop, never quite lived up to their promise. Formed by Stinson (who switched from bass to guitar and took over lead vocal and songwriting duties) and drummer Steve Foley, who had briefly replaced Chris Mars in the waning days of the Replacements, the group added Foley's bassist brother Kevin Foley and guitarist Steve Brantseg and recorded 1993's "Friday Night Is Killing Me" with Minneapolis producer Don Smith. By all accounts, the group never jelled into a cohesive unit and rumor has it that Stinson recorded most of the album playing most of the instruments by himself with various guest musicians, including half of Tom Petty's Heartbreakers and Wire Train's Jeff Trott. Indeed, by the time the album was finally released, Stinson had already fired both Brantseg and Kevin Foley. The band limped through an aborted tour and unceremoniously broke up after the album sold little and garnered mixed reviews. Tommy Stinson went on to form the equally short-lived Perfect and then joined Guns N' Roses at some point in their "yes, we're really working on another album, honest" phase in the late '90s. Steve Foley formed the group Wheelo.

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BASH & POP Friday night is killing me 320 kbps + artwork

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aaarrgglll a dit…

Wonderful LP ...The replacement were not only PW courtyard !
please ... seed "Perfect" and other Tommy's work . THX . LC .

Anonyme a dit…

This is a brilliant album. Bought this in a cut-out bin years ago and it's never left my CD player.

Kick a dit…

My old band opened for them on that tour, boy were they assholes.......

vex_voxtone a dit…

I don't know but in my opinion Tommy is very talented guy. His looks, playing and attitude was true RNR. I like almost every Mats album they ever released and I consider myself a hardcore Replacements junkie ;) I remember when I bought "All for nothing Nothing for all" and when I heard Tommy's "SATELLITE" it blew my mind ... it's a beautiful pop song with Tommy's thunders-ish singing.
All I can say at the end is that TOMMY STINSON is rock and roll :))

THANXXXX for this share

Anonyme a dit…

I'm a hardcore lover of all things Stinson - plus he's cool as hell to hang out with for a night .

Renato Rodrigues a dit…

Can you please repost an download link for this album? It would save my life! Thanks in advance.