THE DOGS Fed up ! (1976) 2000 320 kbps John rock'n'roll Sinclair / Slither / Sleaze city / Black tea /Younger point of view / Fed up / Shakin' all over /Tuff enuff /Slash your face / Are you a boy or are you a girl ? / John rock'n'roll Sinclair (live) / Years gone by / Dog in the cathouse .
The Dogs: L. Molinare: vocals , guitar / M. Kay: vocals , bass / R. Wood: drums .
Originally arising out of the Detroit rock revolution that erupted with THE STOOGES and MC5, then migrating to LA in the late 70's, THE DOGS have influenced punk while treading right along with the scene. During the 70's they opened for punk and hard rock notables including TELEVISION, THE DICTATORS, KISS and AC/DC! THE DOGS have continued to play shows throughout the decades, even releasing new material on the Dionysus label in 2003. Most recently the band has been celebrated with an international tribute album with bands culled by Detroit Jack (see next post) .As the notoriously celebrated MC5 manager John Sinclair writes of THE DOGS, "This trio crashes and burns through the front lines of rock and roll action like they've always done!" And after seeing their concert first hand in Tokyo, I can testify !Bands come and go, but every once in awhile a band will come along to sit up and take notice of. The Dogs, one of the most legendary '70s punk rock bands, Detroit/Los Angeles transplants. The band is known worldwide for the amazing "Slash Your Face" single which appeared on an early volume of "Killed By Death" well over ten years ago, as well for "Younger Point of View" on Rhino's 1978 local punk compilation, Saturday Nite Pogo. The Dogs embodies the first of a new generation of rock and punk bands. Their lyrics provided social commentary combined with the hard-hitting Detroit styles riffs. They were influenced by The Stooges, MC-5 and Chuck Berry, The Dogs were the forerunners of new '70s rock sounds that didn't really have an impact till the late '70s Punk rock era began. The band opened shows for MC-5, AC-DC-Kiss-Dictators-Television-Van Halen. The band released a classic punk single in 1976 called “John Rock Roll Sinclair” and 1978 the “Slash your Face EP With the 2001 release of "Fed Up" on Dionysus Records, it was evident that The Dogs were arguably the seminal L.A. punk band of the mid-to-late Seventies. The band wasn't ahead of it's times so much as timeless. With the encouragement and coaxing of label kingpin Lee Joseph. The Dogs are reunited doing live shows in Los Angeles with founding members Loren Molinare (guitar and vocals) and bassist Mary Kay, with drummer Tony Matteucci from the 80's line up of The Dogs and drummer Ken Mundy both taking over on drums for the rebellious Ron Wood when he is in jail or MIA. You'll be hard pressed to find much difference in the new stuff, with the 2003 Dionysus release “Suburban Nightmare” the band still mine’s a musical territory similar in style to those killer '70s singles, except that the new stuff is better recorded. Other than that, very little has changed, the band still kicks out the jams. With the '70s line-up - Loren Molinare, Ron Wood and Mary Kay - still intact, this trio crashes and burns through the front lines of rock and roll action !!!From Pacifiction Records & The Dogs myspace .

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Midnight Rambler a dit…

THE DOGS (U.S.) : Fed up ! 320 kbps + covers

link 1 :

link 2 :

Enjoy it !

Hank a dit…

Merci beaucoup!

Général Erreur a dit…

Ouais, tres cool! Surtout les reprises de "Shakin' all over" et "Are you a boy" -- genial. Merci!

Anonyme a dit…

Do you have the Slash Your Face single? If so, could you please post it? thanks! cool blog!


No sorry , I don't have the Dogs single "Slash Your Face // Fed Up / Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl 7" (Detroit DR001 1978)"
...but you can find the 3 songs of this second Dogs single on the "Fed Up" cd .

pmsfo a dit…

Thanks for posting! This is one of those bands that I'd heard of for years but never got around to hearing.
I was reading about them today and decided to search them out. Check out these cool tales of seeing The Dogs and the other bands of the late 70 LA scene:

By the way, regarding the rapidshare links, it looks like each link contains the entire album (they are not Part 1 and Part 2). I guess there are two in case one gets deleted.

AcEwArFaCe a dit…

Hi is there any chance you could put a link up for mediafire or something been trying to use rapidshare for weeks now and there are still no free slots. PLEASE :D


@ AcEwArFaCe:
There's a new link (megaupload)! Click on the title of the post in the blog !

AcEwArFaCe a dit…

Cheers Midnight your a legend!

Anonyme a dit…

I just used the mega upload link, and it worked fine.

Thanks for that extra link. Mega upload and media fire are always faster than rapid share for me.

Fed Up is pretty damn good. It's got one of my favorite covers of "Shakin All Over" on it. Also, I never knew about their MC5 connection.

Anonyme a dit…

sadly all the links are dead now... Any chance of a repost? I recently bought the album through iTunes, but was annoyed to see that they didn't include 'Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl' and 'Shakin' All Over'. I have a rip of the first one but cant find the second anywhere. I wonder why they left it off the download - maybe iTunes are too stingy to want to pay all the appropriate royalties, because those two are covers? I noticed the same thing with I'm A Mess by Stromtrooper which I also bought through iTunes - it doesn't include their cover of 'Bad Motor Scooter' by Montrose, which I also can't find anywhere else.