THE SLICKEE BOYS - Separated Vegetables

THE SLICKEE BOYS  Separated Vegetables  LP  1977
A1 Control / A2 Heart Murmur / A3 Golden Love / A4 Red Rocket Roll / A5 Six Feet Under / A6 Just Blow Away / B1 Dr. Boogie / B2 Road Runnah-Walk Don't Run / B3 Streets Of Your Town / B4 What Ya Gonna Do 'Bout It? / B5 No Money Down / B6 Creep Skin / B7 What A Boy Can't Do '77 / B8 Long Way To Go.
Produced by The Slickee Boys (tracks: A1-B7) & Steve Lorber (tracks: A1-A6)

The Slickee Boys:  Marshall Keith: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals / Kim Kane: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals / Martha Hull: vocals / Charles Eichert (tracks: A2, A3, B2): Farfisa organ  / Andy Von Brand: bass guitar /  H. Wuelfing (tracks: A1): bass guitar / Chris Rounds: drums, vocals.

The Slickee Boys were a Washington, D.C. area punk-psychedelic-garage rock band whose most-remembered lineup consisted of guitarist Marshall Keith, guitarist Kim Kane, singer Mark Noone, and drummer Dan Palenski. The band has become underground legends in the D.C. punk community. They were known for their wild costumes and graphics.
This first album by the Slickees is an ultra-low-budget production, from the sound quality to the cover which was a xeroxed sheet of paper glued onto a white sleeve, but still features some of their best songs with my favorite line-up of the group!
This is another band that went through numerous member changes, but guitarists Kim Kane and Marshall Keith (a highly under-rated and excellent lead guitarist!) were the core of the group and I believe that they are still playing, though not together or as the Slickees - some 30 years later!
Martha Hull was the singer on this record and I always loved her voice - tough (when she belts out "I'm calling the shots here" in "Heart Murmur" you definitely believe her!) yet super melodic and just as home singing the Yardbirds, Downliner Sect or the Small Faces as she was with the wonderful Kane composition, "Golden Love".

This pre-punk combo had all of the right influences, from the 60's bands through to the great 70's groups like the Flamin' Groovies, and they channeled them all into a super, original sound. I never had a chance to see them live, though I did jam with a couple of them in the late 70's at Kenne's Highland's wedding! Several of them also appear on Kenne's album, Afrika Korps' "Music To Kill By".
Another rare release, a 7" EP called Hot'n'Cool (I think!) was released prior to this album and includes some more great covers, as well as another Kane hit, "Manganese Android Puppies"!
The band continued with a new singer, Mark Noone, and has released many more cool pieces of vinyl, but these are still my faves! Source: Rich Coffee in "Rich's r'n'r rants & raves"  (check his excellent blog !!!)

Thanks to JPaul !

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THE SLICKEE BOYS "Separated Vegetables" LP 1977

"The Slickee Boys were a 5-piece psychedelic rock band that formed in Washington, D.C. in 1976. Not quite punk but not quite pop either, they carved out an innovative niche somewhere in between. Singing about lost love, meeting girls or just heading to the beach for kicks, these were songs that got you moving but also featured melodic hooks that would stick in your heads for days afterwards. While looking back to long forgotten bands of the "Nuggets" variety such as The Squires and The Chocolate Watchband for inspiration, The Slickee Boys gradually evolved into a distinctive guitar power pop band with songs that refused to fit into any trendy category dreamed up by slimy record executives to create a "buzz". The Slickee Boys simply rocked- and left you begging for more. Here's a perspective on why The Slickee Boys mattered-and why the uninitiated should still seek out their music today..."


ozrock a dit…

MIDNIGHT RAMBLER and JPaul you are magical. I have the vinyl for 30 years but no one (I think) had never posted. I love madly Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi. Slickee Boys are here to stay! Congratulations!

Tom a dit…

Thanks for posting - been wanting to hear some pre-Dischord DC punk

lmelis a dit…

A big thanks for this gem.
Would like to see you, "going all the way" with the Slickees by posting "Cybernetic Dreams of Pi" & "Uh Oh...No Breaks" in lossless. Never found a flac version of them in the web.

"Oh Glendora, I wanna see more of you"

digger a dit…

original rare first pressing as only 100 copies if not mistaken. Great job again MIDNIGHT RAMBLER and JPaul.Big thanx to both!

Anonyme a dit…

Wow, Mr MR !!! Mais ce truc est introuvable ! Comme cadeau de bonne année, tu ne pouvais pas mieux tomber, en tous cas… merci, vraiment, c'est génial !!!
Et bon millésime 2014 à tous, donc !

Anonyme a dit…

TOTTALY AGREE with ozrock and Imelis for Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi. CHRIS

Anonyme a dit…

TOTTALY AGREE with ozrock and Imelis for Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi. CHRIS

Anonyme a dit…

FREINDS, does someone know where to get cd version with extras of CYBERNETIC DREAMS OF PI? IF YES MAIL ME benny200966@gmail.com CHRISTOS.

Honquijote a dit…

Thanks for the post...

Honquijote a dit…

Thanks for the post...

Anonyme a dit…

j'arrive un peu tard pour joindre ma voix à cette célébration ... et pour downloader !
Vu en 1987, à Paris, le groupe était à la hauteur de ses disques que je vénère et ressort régulièrement.
A défaut de récupérer celui ci j'ai la compilation jaune avec tous ces 45 tours si difficiles à retrouver.
Je forme le voeu que cette rareté soit à nouveau disponible par ton intermédiaire.
Bien à toi,

Holly a dit…

Hello & best wishes -
If you ever care to reup this very wonderful & rare lp, I would be SOOOOOOOOOOO happy! :-) Thank you for all that you share.