RED INVASION - I'm Not Too Young To Die

RED INVASION  I'm Not Too Young To Die   CD  2005
I'm Not Too Young To Die / Get Away From Me / You Hate Me / No More / I Got No Time / A Year Ago Tonight / Look At You Now / This Is How I Live, This Is How I Die / People Like Us / Disconnected / Worst Nightmare.
Produced by Jason Duguay & Red Invasion.
Red Invasion: Ryan: guitar /  Joe Boy: vocals / Steve: drums / Rich: guitar / Joe: bass.

Red Invasion (2003-2010) was a 70's style punk rock band mixed with straight up rock & roll, glam, and powerpop. They've earned comparisons to The Dead Boys, The New York Dolls, D Generation, The Stooges, and The Heartbreakers in their look and sound. Their music is an HONEST celebration of the individual and the fucked-up life we all see and live. The goal is trying to bring back the original attitude of punk and rocknroll that's been dwindling since the dawn of the safe pop-punk and emo craze.
In October 2005, the excellent label Pelado Records released their debut full length, "I'm Not Too Young To Die." Red Invasion has shared the stage with a wide musical range of relevant bands like The Casualties, The Adicts, The Explosion, Buckcherry, Total Chaos, The Ducky Boys, Roger Miret and The Disasters, Rock'n'roll Soldiers,The Misfits(w/ Marky Ramone), Richard Bacchus (ex D Generation), The Heartattacks, The Jabbers, and many more.

 Here are some reviews from the debut album:

"...reminiscent of The Dead Boys-with maybe Johnny Thunders on loan as the patron saint of guitar leads. ...Singer Joey Boy sounds like he may well have escaped from the mental ward (dig that!) or just stepped on hot coals. ...And doesn't "I Got No Time" (not the 1976 Saints song, though that's another band Red Invasion sounds a little like) borrow Thunders' Heartbreakers' "Born To Lose" mixed with The Ramones' cover of "California Sun?" Chuck Berry, call your great-grandchildren!" The Big Take-Over 

"Red Invasion are a Boston band that I definitely need to pay more attention to after hearing this album. Snotty punk with a Dolls/Heartbreakers jones and given a dose of megawattage. Catchy tunes and played with energetic verve. The hooks on "You Hate Me" and "I Got No Time" will ensnare you with little resistance. "Disconnected" reeks of attitude. Slashing guitars accompanied perfectly by a percolating bass/drums tandem and insolent vocals. The real deal." Suburban Voice

"Speedy melodic punk from Boston with a lot of old New York snottiness. These guys definately own a couple of DEAD BOYS records between them." Maximum Rocknroll

 "These guys do the 70's glam-punk thing better than just about anyone, and the buzz on these guys has been growing. This is a must-have CD, seriously, everyone needs to go out and get this right now. Give them money so they can get their asses on the road and tour and rock your asses off in person!" Amp Magazine

"...They will light up a few Saturday nights around here in a riot of sleazy, hook-heavy snot rock...you know, lyrics about dying young spat out by an amped-up Stiv-abee, swaggering Thunders guitar solos, a pogo ready rhythm section, howl-along choruses, that kinda scene. "Disconnected" is the standout here, a real teenage temper tantrum with an awesomely primitive stab at a harmonica solo halfway through, and the Dolls-y closer "Worst Nightmare" has the potential to grow into an epic, burn-the-shithouse-to-the-ground monster live...but I'm guessing Red Invasion are gonna develop into a dangerous, druggy, virgin-killing juggernaut of beastly punk-sleaze sometime soon, so check 'em out while their young and desperate, and prepare yourself for the shitstorm to come." Sleazegrinder

"The title track is the perfect anthem for pogoing yourself dizzy in your eyeliner, leather and spikes, while the slower paced "A Year Ago Tonight" is a song that dwells on more power pop and glam tendencies. This is an enticing sampler of what may be ahead for them. Within the band's methodical design is a catchy comprisal attractive to anyone who deserves to buy any punk record. While Red Invasion may be focused on a finite time in our history, their appeal is one of the most far reaching I have heard on record. I'm hoping these guys can help usher in a new era in Boston punk history, one unique in its capacity for freedom and expression. A new door is peering open, abandoning the rigid dictates of hardcore. As a rock n roller, I find it my duty to pry the door a bit wider, and invite you all to the other side." Jimmy Reject from Fat City, Now Wave Zines
A Red Invasion interview can be read  HERE!
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RED INVASION: "I'm Not Too Young To Die" CD 2005

"...It's hard and mean and raw and wild. It harkens back to the nasty three-chord debauchery of the Heartbreakers, Ramones, and (especially) Dead Boys. But even though there are plenty of times on this album when you'll swear that Stiv Bators has crawled out of the grave and lent his vocal talents to this up-and-coming Boston band, it just ain't fair to peg these fellas as flagrant sound-alikes. What separates Red Invasion from a lot of other '77 punk rock n' roll revivalists is their strong combination of balls-out aggression and swaggering catchiness... From the memorable driving riff in the title track to the irresistibly bouncy backbeat of "No More" to the stick-in-your-head catchy guitar lines in "I Got No Time" and "A Year Ago Tonight", this album is chock full of those great little touches that distinguish good punk rock from run-of-the-mill thrash. The guitar work (both lead and rhythm) is exceptional, delivering lots of tasty leads and cool-ass riffs that serve as melodic counterpoints to singer Joe's fierce, snarling vocals...To me, the beauty of punk rock is that you take this really simple music but play it like it's the last thing you'll ever do on this Earth. Sadly, I don't often hear that kind of urgency or intensity from today's punk groups. Red Invasion is an exception. They go all out, and that's why "I'm Not Too Young To Die" is such a joy to listen to. The playing, the singing - it's all done with fire and conviction. The band rips out every song with illimitable energy and a fuckload of attitude...it's refreshing to hear a young band playing real punk rock - and doing it so well!
Josh Rutledge of Now Wave

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