THE TWINKLES - Belle Epoque

THE TWINKLES  Belle Epoque  cd  2004
Zorba The Punk / You Are A Poseur / Monique / Stupid Bitch / Please Girl Leave Me Alone / Gotta Slow Down / My New Guitar / Run Away / Do You Wanna Dance With Me? / Little Red House / Breakdown / We Are The Kids.
The Twinkles: Nick Mess: lead Vocals, guitar / Marky: guitar, vocals / True: drums, vocals / Wally Squad: bass, vocals.
The Twinkles are a nice melodic ’77 punk band from Castelfranco Veneto , Italy. Behind the lyrics and the music is the frontman Nick Mess who keeps the image and the style of the ’77 still alive. The fans in Austria and Slovakia know already pretty well their songs after many successful gigs in those countries. So there is just no way to listen to their songs influenced by the tunes of The Ramones and The Boys and not to love them!

"Hailing from Italy, these droogs play 77 Punk in the same vein primarily as The Boys. Not a bad band to model yourself after at all. The Boys were one of those under rated bands that once again didn’t receive the attention they so deserved.
That being said, elements of the Ramones, The Dickies, and The Undertones bleed through the overall sound of The Twinkles. Catchy choruses and melody play an important part of The Twinkles song writing capability. They have a firm grasp on the fact that the first wave of Punk bands; stood the test of time as they stayed true to themselves and played from the heart. Unlike some bands in the second wave of Punk that went for pure, unadulterated aggression.
The Twinkles get the fact that T.C.P will leave you pimple free!
Highly enjoyable release...9 tubes of Clearasil out of ten
" C. Duda "SugarBuzz Magazine"
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THE TWINKLES "Belle Epoque" cd 2004