PARANOIACS Bananas CD 1990
I've Been Waiting / Being With You / I Wanna Be Loved / Crazy / I Want You / Wendy James (Transvision Vamp) / Chained For Life / Don't Wanna Waste My Time / I Think I Love You / When Times Get Rough / Come Back And Stay* / You'll Never Be My Girl*. (* cd bonus tracks)
Produced by Thé Lau.
Paranoiacs: H. Stevens: vocals, lead guitar / R. Stevens: keyboards, backing vocals / P. Vermeulen: drums / J. Maes: guitar / E. Van Biesen: bass, backing vocals.
"There’s little need to introduce The Paranoaics. Simply no other contemporary band has left its mark so prominently on the Belgian scene over the last 25 years. Soon after they blew everybody away at the local clubs with their powerful collision of punk, garage and rock ‘n roll, they released their first mini-LP, "We’re the Teenage Lovers". By the time its follow-up album, the highly acclaimed , "Sometimes Teenage Is Spelt T.N.T". and their first full-length album,"Bananas" hit the stores, these guys had already established themselves as the true kings of rock ‘n’ roll in the sonic wasteland that we now refer to as the late eighties. What Mötley Crüe did to the LA rock scene, The Paranoiacs did for Belgian rock. Except these guys didn’t have to dress like old tarts. The next decade brought more highs (Pukkelpop 1990 with Faith No More, Nick Cave and The Cramps - new albums, "Thirteen" and "7 Day Weekend"). Meanwhile, The Paranoiacs showed their evolution in the new millennium through the rare six track mini-album, "Mini Countryhead: Paranoiacs Go Country", including their celebrated version of Johnny Cash’s (Ghost)Rider in the Sky that was also released in Japan. "Love Junks" is the band's lament for their unbridled love for women, but simultaneously for their respect and true devotion for their sonic masters who showed them the way throughout all those years in the rock 'n roll jungle. The band succeeds to blend these two totally different, yet at the same time, very similarly powerful driving forces into a spectacular new and last masterpiece. Think of one hell of a party with blonds, redheads and brunettes entangled with Cash, Ramones and Masters of Reality and you're not even close. Bring 50's blues ’n roll, 60’s garage rock, 70’s punk, 80's hard rock, 90's punk rock and zero bullshit into one room and the result is raw, wet and exhilarating. The Paranoiacs' love odyssey that started with "We’re the Teenage Lovers" will be sealed off with the appropriately titled "Love Junks". Raf & Hans have been suckers for love for the last 25 years and celebrate their silver wedding in style: with one last surge from their inner volcano of rock that will never be silenced. Twenty-five years of brotherly love. The secret? The teenager in these guys just never died." Source
 The cd (only) bonus track "Come Back and Stay" is a cover of Jack Lee (Nerves) that you can find on his first (and excellent) album, "Jack Lee's Greatest Hits".
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PARANOIACS: "Bananas" cd 1990

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