BEAT ANGELS  Demos 320 kbps 2012
Marry That Girl* / Sideshow* / Here She Comes Again* / Postcards From Hell* / I Love You, Sometimes* / Grow Up+ / Merry Go Round+ / Jaded / Too Much Jazz° / All Around Your World° / Name Your Trash° / The Most Beautiful Loser In Town° / Don't Kiss Me° / Hungover With Jenny° / I Love You Sometimes° / Cinnamon Says° / She Shoots Starlight" / Hello Unsatisfied" / 24 Hour Porn Star Shine" / Liquor Pig Boyfriend" / Whorehouse Priest".
*Norwood demos - + Peter Walker demos - ° Andy Barret demos - " Jeff Dahl demos
Beat Angels: Michael Brooks: guitar / Brian Smith: vocals / Keith Jackson: guitar / Kevin Pate, Tommy Caradonna: bass / Frankie Hanyak, Jon Norwood, A.D. Adams: drums.
"On to the Beat Angel stuff....
"Marry That Girl" was the first Beat Angels song. Singer Brian Smith, drummer Jon Norwood and bassist Kevin Pate had been in a popular Phoenix/LA band prior to this. 
I met Brian a few times and we got together and started recording in Jon's bedroom studio. None of us were working or doing anything else for that matter so we would hang out 
and write songs, drink coffee and beer, smoke cigarettes and record. We weren't called Beat Angels yet and we weren't playing out yet. Just trying to find the one other piece of the puzzle. 
We wrote "Sideshow" for consideration for Alice Cooper's new album and holy shit, he chose it. 
Cooper recorded "Sideshow" for his album "The Last Temptation" and we enjoyed the dollars that bolstered our bank accounts. 
Brian and I lived like rock stars for a while. Well, at least we could eat and buy beer.
"Here She Comes Again" and "Postcards from Hell" were both early songs in our set. 
Still bedroom demos and I make my one and only bass playing debut on HSCA. Probably because Kevin Pate was in jail. 
All songs 1-5 recorded @ Jon Norwood's home 8-track studio circa 1992-93.
Tracks 6 & 7 should have been a single. "Unhappy Hour" Lineup probably recorded in 1995.
Tracks 8-10 recorded at Andy Barret studios in Tempe, Arizona on Sony Music's dime. We actually convinced a major label to give us some money to record some songs. We recorded these three. 
Sony passed. 
Of course they did - these were great pop songs. 1994. Me, Brian and Jon. With Robin Johnson.
Tracks 11-16 demos recorded at Andy Barret studios for what we hoped was our first record. Actually, like the last demos, pretty elaborate productions. This time we had our secret weapon: 
Keith Jackson on guitar and pretty much most of the crazy backing vocals. 1995.
Tracks 17-21 recorded by Jeff Dahl at his desert studio. What it's lacking in fidelity and dynamics it makes up for in.... 
Oh, I don't know. It's a demo! Jeff Dahl is awesome and we love him dearly. He was always a champion. 1999 or 2000. "
Comments by Michael Brooks
"We had been stuck with an ever evolving lineup (particularly in the drummers chair) one counterproductive bassist and his replacement who got struck and disabled in a car accident. The band couldn't tour, interest was waning and our morale was sinking. Members were becoming involved in other projects and life was moving on. We went back to Gilby's studio to record these songs with our old friend and founding member Kevin Pate on bass and a great drummer in A.D. Adams. Beat Angels always did have really good drummers. Makes all the difference in the world.
We recorded these songs, played a few shows, came back to Phoenix and that was it. The record was never completed and never properly mixed. Brian got a job and moved to Detroit, and the rest of us moved on.
Brian lives in Detroit and is an editor at the Detroit Metro Times, a weekly newspaper.
Keith manages a pub in Phoenix and fronts a punk rock band called Glass Heroes .
Kevin plays around Phoenix in various bands.
AD plays drums in a glam revivalist band called The Crash Street Kids .
And I live in Detroit with my girlfriend and our infant son.
And that's that.
Hope you like the tunes.
Michael Brooks
Beat Angels demos HERE

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BEAT ANGELS: Demos 320 kbps


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Incredible, Thank you!!!

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Beat Angels were a great band! I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at Mama Kins in Boston. They opened for Gilby Clarke. I actually went to see The Beat Angels. I even had a talk w/ Brian Smith who was a very cool guy w/ no attitude. He was just like talking to a friend.
- Jez

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to Jez

a very cool guy LIKE Mr MR !

all the best

Mark Ord a dit…

Awesome. I've had various copies of some of these demos for years and always wanted to hear the rest of these.

The Beat Angels are still one of those most underrated bands around. Every time I spin Unhappy Hour, Red Badge or the unreleased album kills me that they weren't huge.

Thanks for posting these!

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Please re-upload!

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The link is dead, any chance of a re-up, it would be hugely appreciated.