JEFF DAHL - Best Of ~ Vol. 1

JEFF DAHL Best Of ~ Vol. 1 cd 2003
Mary, Are You Livin' / Goin' Underground / Junkies Deserve To Die / Elks Lodge Riot / Lisa's World / Arizona / Hey Cinderella / Wasted Remains / She's So Cool / Leather Frankenstein / Only Lovers Left Alive / European Vacation / No Apologies / Pissing On Your Flowers / French Cough Syrup / Pinpoint Eyes / Little Girl Smile / She's Breakin' My Heart Again / Down On You / Miss Thing / Ravaged / Narco Voodoo / Girls I Used To Know / I'm In Love With The GTOs.
Musicians: Rikk Agnew, Robert Brock, Michael Brooks, Cheetah Chrome, Anna Conda, Jeff Dahl, Bruce Duff, John Duffy, Del Hopkins, John Manikoff, Dave Naz, Zepp Oberpichler, Jaime Pina, Mr Ratboy, Tony Reflex, Mike Reese, Maseline Ridley, Jenni Sex, Ammy Wichman.
Jeff Dahl is an American musician. Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955, but in 1960 the Dahl family relocated to Hawaii. Jeff recorded his first single, "Rock N Roll Critic", in 1977 and it was released on the Doodley Squat label. Since then Jeff served time in Vox Pop (Germs, 45 Grave & Dream Syndicate members) , The Angry Samoans (1985, stepped in for "Metal" Mike Saunders), and Powertrip as well as playing & recording with Dead Boys' legend Cheetah Chrome and ex-Adolescents Rikk Agnew.
There are approximately 26 full length albums released (Studio, live, bootlegs, Best Of collections), and in the neighborhood of 100 7" singles.
Jeff Dahl has released a wide variety of records that remain true to his three chords and one bad attitude dictum. The confessional "I kill me", the glammy "French Cough Syrup", the tough-minded "Leather Frankenstein", the acoustic "Have Faith", the live "Scratch Up Some Action","Heart Full of Snot" who revealed Dahl at his most confrontational and indeed ruffled many feathers within the punk rock community. all provide glimpses into various chapters of Dahl's musical legacy; an ongoing committment to tried-and-true rock 'n' roll coupled with a tireless international touring schedule complete the picture. His release, Jeff has done extensive touring and studio production work in the USA, Europe and Japan
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Cool stuff, but why on rapidshare?!?
Too slow man, it sux. Cheers!

Mr.Eliminator a dit…

Cool stuff, but why on rapidshare?!?
Too slow man, it sux. Cheers.

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super post merci ,auront nous droit au volume 2? ca serait genial merci d avance

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Looking for Bizarros - Laser Boys
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Also Bizarros - Complete Collection.

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