EGOS - Fast Swimming

EGOS Fast Swimming cd 2004
Intro / Powerpupplay / Erratic Eviction / Sametown / Fastswimming / One 4 Me / Grey St Blues / 108 Kg / Drive U / The Year My Guitar Broke / C Me Dancin.
Mastered & mixed by Shane O'Mara
Egos: Delene:clone bass / Link: drums, vocals, Gibson LB Slide guitar / Johnny Casino: Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitar / Mad Macka: vocals, Gibson Explorer & A. Hoyer Expo accoustic guitars.
The Egos collectively hail from an impressive pedigree of bands from down under such as the Onyas, Meanies, Asteroid B612 and the Blue Heelers. They are led by Brisbane's one only Mad Macka originally from the Onyas and later to become a hired gun and permanent member of Cosmic Psychos. Link Meanie of the Meanies chips in on drums along with John Spittles ”Johnny Casino” from Asteroid B612. This is a ten track blast of pile-driving punk action released on Dropkick Records, the same Aussie label that had the smarts to put out Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s debut LP.
"Probably you've never heard of The Egos. But if I tell you they're from Australia and formed by members of legendary The Onyas, Meannies and Asteroid B-612, I'm sure you salivating like Paulov's dogs...
Place this piece of vinyl on your turntable, press play and turn up the volume until you break your neighbour's ears and remember that in Downunder they don't eat, drink, nor write r'n'r songs like anywhere else in the world..."
"A blast of pile-driving punk action from this new Melbourne band comprised of members of THE ONYAS, MEANIES, ASTEROID B-12, and BLUE HEELERS. They're old, they're fat and they are ugly-the embodiment of the garage rock revolution! Ten new songs about girls, guitars and anti-psychotics. All rock, no art-everything you've ever wanted out of an Australian rock'n'roll band."
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EGOS: Fast Swimming cd 2004

The Egos is a band born from a drunken promise between two of Australia's most thug-like punk rock guitar players - Mad Macka from The Onyas and Johnny Casino from Asteroid B-612. Late one night, after watching Spencer P. Jones play his Last Gasp at the Greyhound Hotel, they found themselves sharing the dirty carpeted floor of Richie Ramone's abode, and in a drunken stupor promised to one day play in a band together. One year later, The Egos was born...
Macka's right hand woman was employed to play the bass. Smart move as it saves on money for beds and floor space while on tour, and if they ever play London they'll be right because at least she looks the part.
Linkie Meanie was enlisted to play the drums. This was puzzling as most knew Linkie as the singer with The Meanies and were unaware of his vast array of talents.
The first show was booked for New Years Eve 2002 and the recruits were sent a cassette to learn the songs. With the members spread over 700 miles of Australian land, there would be NO rehearsals!
As the new day dawned on January 1st 2003 and the final chord was struck on the eight-song set in Melbourne's Pony Bar, a unanimous decision was made. The Egos would NEVER rehearse. "This can't fail," voiced Mr. Casino. "The Immaculate Conception. No mating period, just turn up and turn on."
And now, with a string of blazing Australian gigs under their oversized belts, The Egos are set to foist their debut album “Fast Swimming” upon the public at large. Welcome to Macka's world: ten pile-driving songs about rock'n'roll, street crazies, swimming, guitars and anti-psychotics. All Rock, no Art.
Of course, one small island cannot contain this beast and The Egos are set to tour Europe in April & May. NO REHEARSAL NECESSARY.

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Another Aussie gem! Thank you very much for this great post!

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Je connaissais pas ce groupe ! La classe et grosse claque ! Merci m'sieur !!

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From Now On NO REHEARSAL NECESARY for any band!!!!!

I did not know the story behind the record.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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