ANDREW MATHESON - Night Of The Bastard Moon

ANDREW MATHESON Night Of The Bastard Moon cd 1994
Crushing The Doll / Call It A Storm / Smallpox Blanket / Love Is Stupid / Walk A Mile In My Blues / Three Dead Mexicans / Eighteen Straight Whiskeys / Red Shoes / Jesuit Brooch /Zurich / Postcard From Hollywood / Tar Beaches / The Moon Or Guinness.
Produced by A. Matheson & Casino Steel.
Credits: H.P. Baarli (Backstreet Girls): guitars, Smirnoff /E.S.Brady: guitars, atmospherics & special FX / Kid Twist: castanets & tambourine / Per Madsen: drums / S.D. Hauge: guitars / S. Ramberg: guitars / J. Bogeberg: bass / L. Hafreager: keyboards / D.Foster-Pilkington: cello / A. Carr: penny whistles / G.Sundstol: banjolin, bouzouki, mandolin / P. Vinnaccia: percussion / R.C. Finnigan: harmonica / F. Ratline: fiddle / Oslo Gospel Choir, Screed Njinsky, Casino Steel, C. Scott & 3 Black Eyes: backing vocals.
Andrew Matheson was the singer of the Hollywood Brats. He has also recorded three lp's in solo after the band's demise . "Night Of The Bastard" is the last one.
"Crushing The Doll"... Fans of the Hollywood Brats won't be disappointed with this fantastic Matheson/Steel composition. It's another classic featuring Andrew Matheson on vocals and is taken from Matheson's 1994 album "Night Of The Bastard Moon" which Casino Steel produced. A real rocker which is very reminiscent of the Hollywood Brats and the New York Dolls..."S. Metcalfe
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ANDREW MATHESON "Night Of The Bastard Moon" cd 1994


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Hi, could you please upload his other album, Monterey Shoes?


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