S'COOL GIRLS - The S'cool Girls EP

S'COOL GIRLS The S'cool Girls EP cd EP 2004
Rock 'n' Roll Discotek / All Night / Put Up Or Shut Up / The Groover / California Groupie Girls / Little Boy Blue.
Produced by C. Magreta
S'cool Girls: N. Wallace: vocals / P. Sodergren: guitar / D. Harju: bass / T. Smith: drums.
"The most gorgeous band playing the most rockin' songs. A revolution to modern rock, they bring back the glam era with a new york doll's look and gary glitter sound, with more energy than either! (which is hard to say for most groups) They have fun loving lyrics and up beat songs with the most amazing guitar solos and the keyboard sound you loved in bowie's early works. Honestly, this is one of the best groups and definitely some of the greatest songs. You can tell these boys are amazing and it's only an EP! " Source
I saw this band at one of its first gigs. There wasn't many people there but they were all girls. A year later they have a dedicated fanbase that only goes out to see them. They are a mix of The Sweet and T-Rex. These are guys who have obviously seen Velvet Goldmine a few times. All the songs are about partying and having a good time. "Rock N Roll Discotek" have that glam rock feel of Slade and Mott The Hopple, none who were very political. Two guys in the band are from Sweden and two are from Southern California. All of them grew up dreaming of being in a band, living in Hollywood, and meeting girls. Most bands in LA looked bored onstage. They are trying to be cool. The S'cool Girls are trying to bring some excitement to music... Source
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S'COOL GIRLS: "The S'cool Girls EP" cd 2004

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s'cool girls by teacher !

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Very good record! Thank you for this post.MR!