LYRES - Happy Now...

LYRES Happy Now... cd 1993
Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin) / But If You're Happy / Never Be Free / I'll Make It Up To You / Pain / Now I've Got A Witness / Nobody But Me / Stoned / I Ain't Going Nowhere / 100 cc's (bootleg Version) / Take A Look At Me / I Can Tell.
Produced by J. Conolly.
Lyres: Jeff Conolly: vocals, keyboards, tambourine / Richard Carmel Jr.: guitar / Paul Murphy: drums / Rick Coraccio: bass / Jack Hickey: harmonica.
The Lyres' '90s output is a confusing tangle of recycled tracks, rerecorded songs and 7-inch singles on various indie labels. The six-song "Nobody but Lyres" is a typically mixed bag that's made obsolete by "Happy Now..." and "Some Lyres", each of which recycles three of the EP's six cuts. "Happy Now..." finds the foursome rocking as fiercely and infectiously as ever; though it contains only two original compositions, the covers — other than "Nobody but Me," Bo Diddley's "I Can Tell" and a pair of ancient Rolling Stones numbers ("Stoned" and "Now I've Got a Witness") — are obscure enough to render such distinctions meaningless. With clever cover art that spoofs the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls", "Some Lyres" is a consistently groovy anthology of Ace of Hearts-era album tracks and rarities that includes both sides of the band's 1979 debut single. Those Lyres collects eleven singles sides — most of them quite good — and adds a spirited '93 live set recorded in Oslo. TrouserPress
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Lyres: "Happy Now..." cd 1993

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