BROTHER BRICK - A Portable Altamont

BROTHER BRICK A Portable Altamont cd 1999
The Same / Chip On My Shoulder / Beyond My Hands / Chokito Bar / Derelict Eyes / No Turning Back / Rock'n'roll Marie / Feel Strung Out* / Drives Me Wild / Help Yourself / We're Not Like You / Rock Action*.
Produced by Leadfinger except*.
Brother Brick: Leadfinger (S. Cunningham): guitar & vocals / G. "Crash" Jackson: drums / S. Nash: bass + M. J. Stephenson: drums & vocals / K. Anderson: bass & vocals 0n*.

"The Brother Brick album "A Portable Altamont" is all about indefatigable chaos! They are a band to be reckoned with, they know all those vague regions where dancing to the backbeat of the times becomes the obsession rather than the depression. This album is 12 executions of a demented, street flecked nonchalance. "Chip On My Shoulder" is the Sex Pistols meet Nirvana and jam their way to oblivion... "Rock'n'roll Marie" is the high octane teenage rock'n'roll anthem... "Chokito Bar" with its cool lyrics, proves that these long haired rock'n'roll dudes are no dumbos... and "Beyond My Hands", the apex of an awesome sound document, is sublime songwriting and guitars, with a haunting cataclysm of twisted emotion and wah wah pedal action!" Source
Want to know more ? Read here "Brother Brick: A Portable Altamont Down Under", an article (& chat with Leadfinger & A. Thomson) by K. Shimamoto on the excellent I-94 Bar site.
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BROTHER BRICK: "A Portable Altamont" cd 1999

"I remember also when I was putting together the ideas and format of A Portable Altamont that I also wanted it to be dynamic and have variety on the album, not one dimensional. So the writing was also done with that in mind. It seems to me that a lot of bands are too scared to go somewhere different or a different mood, or slow it up. It gets fucking insane listening to a 12 song CD and every song is full bore in your face. Can you imagine Raw Power without "Gimme Danger" or "Penetration"?"
From an interview given to Noise For Heroes fanzine in the winter of 2000 with Stewart Cunningham, guitar player for Brother Brick, Asteroid B-612, Challenger 7, the Proton Energy Pills, and numerous other Sydney rock and roll bands.

Read the full interview here:

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