VA - Drunk On Rock (Volume One)

VA Drunk On Rock (Vol. One) cd 1998
The Hookers: Hell Bent & Glory Bound / The Reclusives: Let Go Of My Leg / Murder City Wrecks: Buried Alive / Screaming Bloody Marys: Ill Repute / Jeff Dahl & The Kevin K Band: Born To Lose (live) / The Dragons: Campus Ave / Johnny Wreckless: My Mind Keeps Running Away / Dead Flower Bloom: Shades Of Grey / Thee Trash Brats: Who Put The Words In Your Mouth / Cash Registers: I Don't Wanna Be One / The Candy Snatchers: Do You Wanna Know? / Puke-A-Rama: Psychos + Drunks / The Short Fuses: Motorcycle Pill / The Chinese Millionaires: International Woman / The Bulemics: Only Down For Myself / Sinisters: Murder Style / Rocket 455: Cock In My Pocket / Electric Frankenstein: I Want More / Asteroid B-612: Gasoline / (Bootsey X And) The Lovemasters: Blow Me To Death / The B-Movie Rats: Dirty Dog / The Weaklings: Grow Up Girl / Nashville Pussy: Sock It To Me Baby / Rick Blaze & The Ballbusters: Pretty Messed Up (Motor City Mix) / The Morning Shakes: Highway Robbery (live) / Alan Valentine & The Drugstore: Cowboys My Mistake.
"Drunk on Rock" is the debut release from tiny Detroit imprint I-94, but that doesn't stop its compilers from squeezing as much craziness as possible onto the disc. It's 26 tracks of pure punk revivalism and hard rock mayhem, broken by the occasional nod to an alternate genre (power pop takes a stand on Dead Flower Boom's "Shades of Grey"). Highlights include the Murder City Wrecks' "Buried Alive," Chinese Millionaires' scathing "International Woman," and the raw, wiry rip of "Only Down for Myself," from Austin's Bulemics. While Nashville Pussy, Candy Snatchers, and even the Trash Brats have some name recognition, much of Drunk on Rock borders on unknown territory. No matter -- there's no new ground being broken, but the trail traveled here is familiar, and chances are it smells like a bar. Drunk is a sloppy, sleazy mess that rarely stumbles and always rocks, and marks a solid debut for I-94. Answers.com
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VA - Drunk On Rock (Volume One) cd 1998

"This is 100% unfiltered Rock and Roll. Pure and dangerous. This ain’t your daddy’s Rock and Roll (Though it very well could have been, if you had a cool Daddy-o). Don’t worry kids, Rock and Roll in it’s purest forms is very Punk. I had to put that “P” word in there, so you wouldn’t be afraid to like it..."
Liner notes of "Drunk on Rock" by Jim

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this

Just wondering if you have Drunk on Rock Vol 2? have been looking for it years


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Thanks for this

Just wondering if you have Drunk on Rock Vol 2? have been looking for it for years



I don't have "Drunk on rock Vol. 2"
I'm not sure it really exists: never see it...

deadender a dit…

Finnaly found Volume 2 after a long search... Mp3 320kb & artwork


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