TAXI BOYS 7'' EP 1981 wav
I Can't Kick / Down To You / Up Is Up / Some Love Like Yours.
Produced by John Felice.
Taxi Boys: John Felice: vocals, guitar / Scott Parmenter: guitar / Billy Cole: bass / Bobby McNabb: drums. Bass Tracks played by Alan Paulino.
"At 1:47 the song is the third shortest by Jon Felice and his mates on their eponymous debut lp, but it made an extra impact as the name of a reconstituted Real Kids when heart-throb Bobby McNabb replaced Howie Ferguson on the drums - not on this song - but in the band named after it. The eventual addition of McNabb (recruited, surprisingly, from semi-drag act Lou Miami ) gave the band some pretty boy charisma they were lacking though Ferguson is tough to beat when it comes to beating on the drums. The group named after this song featured only half the original Real Kids, Felice and Paulino, thus the latter ensemble was dubbed by one scenester "The Tacky Boys". Falling in-between the grit of "Better Be Good" and mellow mood found on "Just Like Darts", "Taxi Boys" is almost British by way of The New York Dolls "Frankenstein", the original band at its most explosive and fun. No wonder Miriam Linna of Norton Records liked them so much, this record's producer, Marty Thau, had worked with The New York Dolls prior to signing The Real Kids to his Red Star imprint. An album full of episodes like this would have brought The Real Kids out of cult status to the level of a Ramones, the splashes of punk guitar by the team of Borgioli and Felice gliding along with Ferguson's cymbals make it the most appealing song on the entire album." Joe Viglione (The Count) - Allmusic.com

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Taxi Boys: 7''E.P. 1981

Enjoy it ! It's real rock'n'roll!

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...et c'est pas F.I.N.I. !
Il faut un "c" à "encore" kamarade!

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french teacher can't stop lesson

TRY !!!!!!!!

1 - 0


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Superbe! Merki.

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merki kiki !!!


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The re-united Real Kids recorded "Down To You" for their Norton EP that came out around 2000 or so.

Felice's voice is slightly raspier (if that's possible!) but still awesome on the Norton EP.