JEFF DAHL Bliss cd 1995
No Apologies / Boom Boom Willie / Let's Talk About Sex / Gimme Danger / Just A Girl Pissing On Your Flowers /Sugar O'Dee / Sinville / No Fun Forever / Methchild / Raunchy Raunchy / No Reaction / All I Own.
Produced by Jeff Dahl
Jeff Dahl: vocals, guitar, bass & drums ? + R. Brock: piano & violin

"...I called this my Glam record at the time. The songs and sound really reminded me of those old records of mine. Mott, Lou, Dolls... The tune Boom Willie was written about Willie Alexander. If ya don't know who he is, shame on ya!"
"...A cover of "Gimme Danger" (does he get a washing machine when he completes the eight-song Raw Power cycle?) isn't the only overly familiar attribute of "Bliss". Dahl's not exactly a font of novel ideas, and his endless variations on the same themes — especially as he's become a studio hermit (pianist Brock is the only outsider here) — make his soundalike albums less interchangeable than indistinguishable. If he's gonna keep writing the same tunes over and over, at least he should try varying the timbre or style of his guitar or voice..." Trouser Press Buy It Here !

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Jeff Dahl: "Bliss"

A rock'n'soldier ...

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jeff dahl
super !!!!!

vous etes trop bon Mr MR

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i love jeff dahl

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, Rambler!

Also, who cares if every Jeff Dahl sounds the same? (which isn't true, anyway)

All the Ramones's songs sound the same (again, not actually true), and if IT ROCKS, that's all that matters.