DOLKOWS - Story Of Robi & The Nudes

DOLKOWS Story Of Robi & The Nudes cd/lp 1988
Silent Woods / Pangs of Conscience / The Way She Looks / Lucifer's Claim / Sister Sun / Funny Side / Goodbye / Old Mr. Cutter.
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas.
Dolkows: Ulf: guitar, vocals / Peter: bass / Lillis: vocals, guitar / Peter: drums + G-A Krantz: backing vocals.
"...I saw an early Dolkows show at a shady joint in Malmö and got knocked out completely . A few years later they opened for the Hoodoo Gurus and although the australians did a great show , they were overshadowed by the Dolkows, whose first mini-album "Story Of Robi & The Nudes" along with the single "Pinochet Is Walking On My Street", ranks amongst the most magnificent moments in the history of Swedish rock music... L-P Anderson (Voodoo Dolls, Cry, Royal Beat Conspiracy); liner notes of "A Real Cool Time Revisited" (2010).
The Dolkows were started around 1985 in Malmö, Sweden. The group includes "Lillis" Rosander: vocals/guitar, Peter Andersson: bass, Ulf Bragsjö: guitar and Peter Dolkows: drums.They released a mini-album "The Story Of Robi & The Nudes" in 1987, two lp's: "Levitation" (Amigo 1989) and "Hush" (MGV 1992) and several singles (five ?). They toured mainly in Sweden and Finland and they broke up in 1993.
NB: The title on the front of the mini lp sleeve reads "Story Of Robin & The Nudes", on the spine it's "The Story Of Robi & The Nudes"...
Thanks to Fabien & Mr D.!
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NB: The Dolkows have a web site now (see comments): check it HERE !
It currently holds some old demos, plus a live recording from a gig in Lund.

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DOLKOWS "Story Of Robi & The Nudes" (mini lp/cd, 7 or 8 songs, Normal Records/Gaga Goodies, 1988/89)

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Wonderful album. Thanks a lot.

Actually this is originally released by GaGa Goodies record company which sold rights to Normal records.
Gaga goodies never released this on CD.
In this album is over 10 misspelling. One is Robi and the Nudes.



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merci BCP Mr MR

Snild Dolkow a dit…

There's a web site now: http://www.dolkows.se

It currently holds some old demos, plus a live recording from a gig in Lund.

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Tnx for the fantastic music you're sharing. There is number of blogs around, but rarely I stumble upon on something this inspiring. You made my day.


geololo a dit…

Salut Rambler, encore un post de haut niveau, groupe inconnu à mes oreilles. Mais franchement: je sais pas si ils ont quasi-occulté les Gurus en faisant leur première partie, mais ce qui est sûr, c'est qu'ils ont écouté la St Bible Hoodoo Gurus pendant longtemps. J'ai cru entendre des inédits tirés des sessions de Blow Your Cool: même son, mêmes riffs, même la voix est pareille à celle du gars Faulkner, tiens...!!
Merci pour la découverte. En plus, j'ai assisté quelques jours avant à une conférence sur le tableau qui orne la pochette, de la branlette intello at its best... marrant!