THE RATCATS - Licence to rumble

THE RATCATS Licence to rumble cd 320 kbps
Licence to rumble / Bandido / Hero / Hang around / Kick 'em down / Too bad for the neighbours / Get it together / Salute / Surfin' star / T.C.P. / Scary basement blues / Don't worry / Runner.
Produced by P. Baarli .
The Ratcats : P. Baarli : guitar & lead vocal / D. Thunderbird : bass & backing vocal / K. Andersen : drums & backing vocals .Two Backstreet Girls in that band and one smash hit : "Hero" ... for sure IT ROCKS !!!

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THE RATCATS Licence to rumble 320 kps + covers

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dani b a dit…

Thanks for this! Im rockin' it right now.

Munju a dit…

Thank you for your great work!

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