BRIAN SETZER - Live Nude Guitar

BRIAN SETZER  Live Nude Guitar  CD  1988
Red Lightning Blues / Rockability / Rebelene / Nervous Breakdown / Every Tear That Falls / Temper Sure Is Risin' / When The Sky Comes Tumblin' Down / She Thinks I'm Trash / Love Is Repaid By Love Alone / Rosie In The Middle / So Young, So Bad, So What / The Rain Washed Everything Away.
Produced by L. Paine, B. Setzer, D. A. Stewart & C. Thomas.
Brian Setzer: guitar & vocals / Tommy Byrnes: bass / Jerry Angel, Olle Romo, Denny Fongheiser: drums / Bruce Willis: harmonica / Frank Marino: accordian / Marc Levy & Wendy Fraser: background vocals.

After the Stray Cats broke up, Brian Setzer took a long walk from his rockabilly past with his first solo album, 1986's The Knife Feels Like Justice, but while it was a fine LP and a modest success, later that year the Stray Cats reunited for the first of many times to record Rock Therapy, and by the time Setzer made his way back to the studio on his own, he'd seemingly grown tired of his new heartland rock gestures and dove back into the retro style that had made his name. While 1988's "Live Nude Guitars" leans toward rockabilly and uptempo roots rock, the production (mostly by Setzer and Larson Paine, though Dave Stewart and Chris Thomas work on a few tracks) is a lot slicker than anything the Stray Cats ever put to wax, and the big, glossy sound of "Rockability," "Red Lightning Blues," and "She Thinks I'm Trash" tends to work against the songs, and the synthesizer line and drum machine on "When the Sky Comes Tumblin' Down" are simply cringe-inducing.

Setzer does offer a few flashes of the more contemplative direction of The Knife Feels Like Justice on "Every Tear That Falls" and "Love Is Repaid by Love Alone," but they don't work especially well in this context, and the widescreen ballad "The Rain Washed Everything Away" is an odd closer for the album. Setzer demonstrates some typically fine guitar work on Live Nude Guitars, but it's a creative hodgepodge that desperately needs a cleaner focus, and suggests he was in need of a new creative direction; the next time Setzer was heard from as a solo artist, he was fronting his big band, the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

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BRIAN SETZER "Live Nude Guitar" CD 1988

A stray cat alone...

Chris Damned a dit…

Usé cet album, que je possédais en k7 à cause de mes nombreux déplacements, jusqu'au bout !
Pour moi Setzer solo ou avec son Big band ne vaudra jamais les cats, mais tout de même, quel panache !

Chris Damned a dit…

Et pour ceux qui voudraient revoir les Stray Cats dans leur fougueuse jeunesse : http://shitshishit.blogspot.fr/2012/04/racines-du-rocknroll-merci-les-stray.html (show Chorus) avec un super bonus !