WHIRLWIND - Midnight Blue

WHIRLWIND  Midnight Blue LP 1980
Midnight Blue / Teenage Cutie / You Got Class / Honey Hush / Cruisin' Around / Stay Cool / Running Wild / Okie's In The Pokie / Heaven Knows / Big Sandy / Such A Fool / Nightmares / If It's All The Same To You / Stayin' Out All Night.
Produced By Billy Holliday & Tommy Doherty.
Whirlwind: Nigel Dixon: vocals, guitar / Mick Lewis: lead guitar / Chris Emo: bass / Gary Hassett: drums.

One of the first significant bands to emerge from the British rockabilly revival scene, Whirlwind was a potent live attraction in the U.K. and helped establish a tenuous but important link between the roots rock community and the growing punk rock underground. Whirlwind was formed in 1976 by singer Nigel Dixon and drummer Phil Hardy, both of whom were regulars at the Unit One Club in Uxbridge, near West London. Both Dixon and Hardy were fans of first-era rock & roll, and joined forces with Mike Lewis on guitar and Chris Emo on bass to begin storming the London club circuit. After a successful residency at the legendary club the Speakeasy, Whirlwind became a hot attraction in London and earned many fans on the burgeoning punk/new wave scene by opening for the likes of the Clash, Elvis Costello & the Attractions and Ian Dury & the Blockheads. Chiswick Records, home to such proto-punk notables as the Count Bishops, the Gorillas and Johnny Moped, signed Whirlwind to a recording contract in 1977, and after a pair of singles issued the group's debut album, "Blowing Up a Storm", in January 1978.

Not long after the album was released, Hardy left the band, but the group remained busy, with Gary Hassett taking over behind the traps. The group supported their second album, 1980s "Midnight Blue", with a major U.K. road trip opening for Blondie, but by the end of the tour, Hassett had developed a serious health problem; between this and the poor sales of the second album, the members of Whirlwind decided to call it a day. Nigel Dixon later sang with Havana 3 A.M., led by Paul Simonon, formerly of the Clash. Dixon lost his life to cancer in 1993; the disease also claimed Phil Hardy the same year. An anthology of Whirlwind's Chiswick material, In the Studio, was released in 1995. Allmusic

"...Whirlwind quickly proved no mere imitators of earlier styles. Founded by singer Nigel Dixon (who would later go on to play in Havana 3AM with ex-Clash bassist Paul Simonon) and drummer Phil Hardy, and joined by lead guitarist Mick Lewis and bassist Chris Emo, they quickly became an in-demand rockabilly band on the rock'n'roll club circuit and surprisingly were even supported by the burgeoning punk scene. A Speakeasy residence followed and a record deal for the infant Chiswick label that resulted in Whirlwind's debut album 'Blowin' Up A Storm' (complete with Stuart Colman sleevenotes and a Barney Bubbles-designed sleeve), released in January 1978.Phil Hardy left shortly afterwards and was replaced by Garry Hassett.By the time the band made their second album 'Midnight Blue', they were big enough to secure the support tour slot to Blondie. Sadly, during that tour, Hassett was taken ill and rather than change the line-up, they decided to call it a day.In a doubly sad 1993, Nigel Dixon succumbed to cancer and later the same year, so did Phil Hardy..." Source
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WHIRLWIND: "Midnight Blue" LP Chiswick Records 1980

The lead singer of 1970s British rockabilly band, Whirlwind, Nigel Dixon was as known for his good lucks as for his gutsy vocalizing. In his liner notes for Whirlwind's 1977 album, Blowing Up A Storm, British music journalist Stuart Coleman wrote, "(Dixon) should know with his sharp looks and throbbing vocal chords, he cuts a dash with chicks on live dates."

Honing his skills with a variety of Uxbridge-based bands, Dixon's first break came when he was heard by guitarist Michael "Redhead" Lewis. Agreeing to pool their resources, Dixon and Lewis formed Whirlwind, and played their first gigs as backup band for rock and roll disc jockey Fifties Flash.

Releasing their debut single, "Full Time Thing" on the Pye label, Dixon and Whirlwind signed a three-album deal with Chiswick. Although they toured as opening act for the Clash, Ian Dury and Elvis Costello, their first two recordings for the label failed to sell and they disbanded in 1979. Tracks from the band's first two albums were compiled and released, along with bonus tracks, as In The Studio.

Releasing a solo single, "Thunderbird" in 1980, Dixon performed with former Clash bass player Paul Simonon's band, Havana 3 AM in the late-1980s. He died on April 3, 1993.

Tom a dit…

Never heard of these guys before but I like all the groups they opened for - Thanks for posting

Joseph DeStale a dit…

great great album ! I knew their name, not their music. Now it's done. Merci pour cette superbe surprise. Rockabilly rules !