ROB TYNER - Blood Brothers

ROB TYNER  Blood Brothers  cd  1990
It's Only Rock And Roll / Renegade / Let's Rock / Disturbing The Peace / Out Of My Hands / Blood Brothers / Taboo / Taking On The Night / Grande Days / D.A.N.A. / Interview With Rob Tyner.
Produced by Rob Tyner & Pete Bankert for B.R.O.

Engineer: Pete Bankert - Arranger: Joey Gaydos
Recorded at the Old Schoolhouse - Ann Arbor, MI.
Backing Vocal: Scott Morgan - Design: Sue Raleigh
Photography by Patrick Davey and Mark Arminski.
All Songs By Rob Tyner for Warrior Nation Songs (BMI)Except "Out Of My Hands" & "Taboo" R.Tyner, R.Gillespie & "Taking On The Night" R.Tyner, P.Bankert, J.Gaydos for Warior Nation Songs (BMI). "It's Only Rock And Roll" M.Jagger, K.Richards for Colgems-EMI Music (BMI)
Special thanks: Dave Dixon, Dick Williams, Henry Wreck and Ben Edmonds.
In loving memory of Lester Bangs.
Rob Tyner: lead vocals, harmonica / Pete Pankert: bass, backing vocals / Joey Gaydos: guitars, backing vocals / Fred Schmidt: drums, backing vocals.
A vast expanse of desolation, the flattened scrubble of the shattered city stretches to the horizon. Rising over the panorama of twisted steel and broken dreams stand the monolithic towers of glass, dominating the landscape as they do the lives of the people who scrabble for existance in this stricken world. The rich and the powerful live in their shiny fortresses surrounded by the violent ruins of the city below. Onto this volatile stage steps Rob Tyner and his band of warriors, standing in silhouette against the sky as they swear allegience to the liberation of people.

Rob Tyner (December 12, 1944 – September 17, 1991) was an American musician best known as lead singer for the proto-punk rock band MC5. Born Robert Derminer, his adopted surname was in tribute to the jazz pianist McCoy Tyner. It was Tyner who issued the infamous rallying cry of "kick out the jams, motherfuckers" at the MC5's live concerts. Tyner had originally auditioned as the bass player, but the band felt his talents would be best used as a lead vocalist.

In 1977, Tyner collaborated with Eddie & the Hot Rods for a 7-inch release coinciding with a promotional UK tour to promote MC5 vinyl reissues. Simultaneously back in the United States, Tyner had launched "the New MC5" which later operated as the Rob Tyner Band and laid the foundation for "Rob Tyner & the National Rock Group", a project which was prolific but issued no recordings. In 1985, Tyner donated his talents to a benefit LP for Vietnam Veterans. Tyner dipped into the song catalog of the National Rock Group for his Blood Brothers CD (1990) and plans were afoot to play more live shows, (including plans with Blackfoot drummer Jakson Spires) when he died in 1991.
On September 17, 1991, Tyner suffered a heart attack in his home town of Berkley, Michigan. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where he died, leaving his wife, Becky, and three children.
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ROB TYNER "Blood Brothers" CD 1990

The only solo album of the MC5 singer, Rob Tyner: a difficult to find & rare gem now !!!

THANKS TO Mr D. my partner in crime, my buddy in blogging !

Merry Christmas everybody !

TinyRonin a dit…

Thanks for this jewel !!!

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encore du tres lourd ! merci merci a vous ! rock n roll !

viva sons of the dolls !

jef Megawatts

Chris Damned a dit…

Je ne connaissais pas la chose... Encore une fois, le côté éducatif de ton blog ressort !

On prends la leçon avec plaisir...

Thanxxx !

Chris D.

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Thanks for posting, when I try to open the mp3 for a password?

Tom a dit…

I figured the password out - thanks and happy new year

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gaza thanks a lot great stuff


The password can be "read" easily in the blog, at the top of the right column !

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Juste pour info car on prefera rester sur une bonne image du bonhomme en reecoutant les disques du MC5. Vraiment dispensable.

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...et dispendieux
mon cher pogo
vraiment très dispendieux !!!

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À tel point qu'il mériterait un remboursement via mandat-cash illico presto!
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Gill a dit…

I happened onto this by pure accident, but because I went to school with Pete and Joe, I'd really dig hearing it... Alas I cannot find the download link, has it expired?



@ Gill:
Just click on the title of the post in he blog...

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this album. I had the 1977 single, but had not seen this before.