ADAM WEST - Mondo Royale

ADAM WEST  Mondo Royale  CD 1996
6 & 6 Is / Upside Down / Speedbump / Pocket / Haunted / Rocks Will Fall / Wrong-Way Annie / Vodka Tonic Blues / Unclean / Electrified / Cream Cheese / Venus In Furs / What Happened ! / Wake Up On The Ceiling.
Produced by Adam West
Adam West: Jake Starr: vocals / Steve: bass, vocals / James Marlowe: guitar / Tom Barrick: drums.

Named after the actor who will always be know as "that guy who played Batman on that campy '60s show," Adam West wanted to bring back the old-school punk sounds of the Misfits and the Stooges to their hometown of Washington, DC. Starting out in late 1991, it wasn't long before they started gigging around the East Coast with the original lineup consisting of Jake Starr (vocals), Bill Crandall, Ray Wiley (guitar), Phil Munds (bass) and Tom Barrick; this, however, didn't last long. With a revolving door lineup and several singles released by their own Fandago Records  including a fan-club-only-single of them covering the Misfits "Cool/Cough," and later on, "Halloween/ She," a four-song EP on Messiah Complex Records and a split with Bubblegum Crisis. 1997 finally saw the release of their first full-length entitled "Mondo Royale". With a stable lineup that included Derrick Baranowsky (guitar), Steve (bass), Tom Barrick (drums), and singer Jake Starr (the only original member), the band did split-EPs with Mazinga, the BellRays and the Candy Snatchers in 1998, as well as several scattered compilation pieces. The next year saw the release of their second full-length entitled "13 De Luxe" again self-released on their own label. By the new millennium, Adam West consisted of Starr, Barrick, Steve, Johnny May (bass) and Kevin Hoffman (guitar).
Adam West signed with German record label People Like You Records in 2001 and since have released the following full-length albums on the well-respected label: "Longshot Songs for Broke Players 2001-2004" (2006), "Power to the People" (2005), "Hi-Balls Are Rolling! 1999-2001" (2004), "God's Gift to Women" (2003), "Ready Steady Adam West! 1993-1999" (2002), and "Right On!" (2001). "Right On!" was also released in 2002 in the USA on The Telegraph Company record label and in Japan on Myrmecoleo Records. Adam West has released their final album "ESP: Extra Sexual Perception" in September 2008 on their longtime record label People Like You Records.
This record ends the record collector's nightmare that is the Adam West discography! As of the beginning of 2008, Adam West has released circa 30 7-inch singles, one 10-inch EP, five full-length studio albums, three outtakes/B-sides albums, and has made over 35 high-profile appearances on various compilation CDs. Check their discography and be scared . . . be very scared
The band played their farewell tour in Europe. They concluded an almost 17-year career at a sold-out show in their hometown of Washington, DC on November 8, 2008.
After the break-up, the four band members proceeded with other projects. Steve and Mario had previously formed the band Borracho as a side project, but decided to pursue it fulltime. Jim continued with Channel 43. Jake "retired" for a few years but released one solo 7" single on Bootleg Booze Records in Sweden and two 7" singles for his Jewish Joy Division tribute band Goy Division.
In 2011, the Adam West compilation "Five The Hard Way! All Recordings 1992-1994" was released, consisting of 16 songs recorded between 1992 and 1994, seven of which were officially released beforehand. The compilation features music made by the original Adam West line-up of Jake Starr, Tom Barrick, Andy Rapoport, Ray Wiley, Bill Crandall, and Phil Munds. In 1996, Fandango pressed up a handful of promo CDs (fr-002) that compiled 14 of these songs and distributed them to band members and close friends only. This compilation marks the first time all 16 songs have been remastered, compiled, and officially released.
Since late 2011, Jake has formed a new band called Jake Starr and the Delicious Fullness, who will release two more 7" singles in 2012 (Ghost Highway Recordings) and another one in 2013 (Onslaught of Steel Records). There's also a 10'' compilation of this four singles titled "Modesty Blaze" ‎ (10", EP, Comp, Ltd) on No Balls Records. Source: Wkipedia, Adam West website.
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ADAM WEST "Mondo Royale" CD 1996

Adam West is a rock-n-roll band, period. Take Iggy & the Stooges, Black Sabbath, The Misfits, The MC5, Kiss, AC/DC, and mix in the best 60s garage punk and you've got Adam West. Can ya dig it?

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Je viens d' écouter le Mondo Royale et j' ai très bien aimé

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