WHITE DEMONS  Say Go  CD  2006
Spit On My Liver / Cancelled Show / Drop Down / Say Go  / 3 Times / In The Flesh / Tear It Up / Pill / Give It To Yourself / It's All About The Rock.
Recorded by Larry Elyea.
White Demons: Nick K.: guitar & lead vocals / Art Banko: bass & vocals  / Tony Krank: guitar & vocals / Vern: drums.

White Demons born out of Phoenix, Arizona. Members include Nick K. on guitar & lead vocals, Art Banko on bass & vocals, Tony Krank on guitar & vocals, Vern on drums. In a review of the very first White Demons show in 2004, a music critic, blown away by the explosive energy put out by this maximum rock and roll gang, referred to their sound as "Action Rock". While the article itself was some what unremarkable, the term stuck. It was for a good reason. Action Rock embodied the high-energy sound and style that guitarist/ lead singer Nick K. had been seeking. The power rock riffage of AC/DC filtered through the primal force and acerbic wit of '70's punk like the Dead Boys & Johnny Thunders.

One year before kick-starting that first show, all Nick had was a vision, some tunes, and a name; White Demons. It was the nickname of his beloved white Strat, which he had to pawn to secure cash for a rehearsal space. So, he broke out his Telly and wasted no time in recruiting (some would call it stealing), his three favorite players around town. These were close friends who he knew shared his vision of bringing excitement and danger back into rock. There was bass master Art Banko, whose afro alone has more attitude and swagger than some entire bands. There was amp guru, Tony Krank, who has gone on to design the popular Krank line of Amplifiers. Tony brought not only his monster sound to the arsenal, but also some vicious licks.

Finally there was Vern. Last names aren't important when you have a skull-crushing backbeat mixed with the sheer lunacy of Keith Moon.White Demons forged a strong identity by touring and playing local shows, winning over the toughest of crowds in an aloof, jaded, and splintered Phoenix rock scene. White Demons shows are events that teeter on the brink of chaos, but are held in command by a combo of raw power and dynamic musicianship. On stage, Nick K. transforms into a rock n' roll preacher, belting out songs that are soul shaking sermons, punctuated by twisted demon howls that sound like Doritos in a blender on frappé. In 2005, the band finally captured this live energy and monster sound in the studio. Lightning in a bottle of Tequila. The result is the band's debut titled "SAY GO". A ten song shot of adrenalin released by Sonic Swirl Records.

When music legend and impresario Kim Fowley heard the title track for the first time, he dashed off this quote to the band: "Their masterpiece "Say Go" indicates they can write a savagely stupid epic. If they have an album's worth of material this good, they are destined to be the first bad boy band of the 21st Century to make a difference." For those who have heard "SAY GO" and seen the White Demons live, they already have made a difference. A savagely stupid difference.
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WHITE DEMONS: "Say Go" CD 2006

'Say Go' is what rock and roll is ALL about, LOUD PROUD AND ROCKING THE CROWD! No processed guitars, no guitar acrobatics, just straight up super charged guitar chord songs with amps cranked to 11. Words need not say more. Hands down one of the best pure rock albums released this year! Grab your balls, grip some hot coals and put the wife and kids to bed. It is time to ROCK! It is time to KICK OUT THE JAMS! As long as you don't wake your neighbors.., F$@#$K THAT! CRANK IT UP LOUD!!! Just like the boys say, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ROCK!
Tony Sisson

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Can you re-up "Cruise to nowhere" record of The Reducers?

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ROB TYNER tiend la basse ????

incroyable qd meme
bravo Mr M. "YELLOW HAMMER" R.

dave p a dit…

many thanks for your great blog as always.notice this was on SONIC SWIRL.you wouldnt have the BA BARACUS album on same label would you?