THE ORSON FAMILY - The River Of Desire

THE ORSON FAMILY  The River Of Desire  Mini LP  1983
The River Of Desire / Breakout / Monster Of Briarly Wood / Heartbeat / You Shake My Soul / (Be My) Ball And Chain.
Produced by The Orson Family.

THE ORSON FAMILY  No-One Waits For Ever  12'' EP  1984
No-One Waits Forever / Pointed Bra / Use This Land! / Crawdad Hole.
Produced by The Orson Family.
The Orson Family: Skully: vocals / Brewster: drums / Ruby: guitar / Vernon: guitar.

THE ORSON FAMILY  The Sweetest Embrace  7'' SP 1984?
The Sweetest Embrace / Subterranean Homesick Blues.
Produced by The Orsonn Family.
The Orson Family: Vernon [The Corrupter]: guitar / Ruby [The Embracer]: guitar / David O [The Lover]: drums / Vince [The Seducer]: bass.

"Short-lived rockabilly rock band featuring sibling vocalists Vernon, Ruby and John Orson, who also played guitars and were backed by Vincent (bass) and David O. (drums).
(...) The Orson Family wasn't really a family. They were formed around 1982 in England. Vernon and Ruby lived together (they were engaged but never married). Brewster and David O. are actually the same person. They soon added a trumpet player called Kevin but nicknamed Elmer. They quoted Hank Williams, Link Wray, Bunker Hill, Vincent, Cochran, Lou Reed, The Jam as influences.
They records a self released 3 track EP, a six track mini LP "The River of Desire", the 12" EP "No-one Waits Forever", a live LP "Bugles, Guitars & Amphetamine" and another single The Sweetest Embrace but with another singer as Skully left/was fired soon before."  Source

 In 2010, almost 28 years after split, the Orson Family was reunited again  for a few beers and maybe more...
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THE ORSON FAMILY: The River Of Desire mini lp 1983 + No-One Waits Forever 12'' EP 1984 + The Sweetest Embrace 7'' SP 198?

Like the UK's answer to the Cramps...

Anonyme a dit…

a quand une reedition cd?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf a dit…

Haven't heard this lot for years and years and years. Saw 'em a couple of times 'back in the day' nice post MR

Anonyme a dit…

I luuuuuuved the 'No one waits forever( title track. Thank you thank you thank you. And also, netkups works real fine, so the blog is back to being a full treat.