TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS - Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's and Gun's

TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS  Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's and Gun's 10'' 1999
Flip, Twist And Shout / South Side Shuffle / Don't Get Close To Me / Blvd. / School Girl Desire / Time + Time Again / Too Far Gone / Chainsaw Love.
Produced by Teenage Knockouts.
Teenage Knockouts: Buddy Boy: lead guitar, vox / Chic Dagger: vox / Michael Amour: bass, vox / Kevin Kamikaze: drums / Flip Jaguar: guitar, vox.
The TKO's (or the Teenage Knockouts) were a 90's punk rock band from Cleveland, Ohio like The Dead Boys. And like them they know how to do it ! Pure punk with a big touch of rock'n'roll !!!

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TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS "Japanese, Murdercycles, Guitar's and Gun's" 10'' 1999

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