THE HEART ATTACKS Heart And Scissor Killers

THE HEART ATTACKS   Heart And Scissor Killers  cd  2005
Untitled / Guilty / Fast Times / You Were Warned / Heart Attack / Gimme A Fix / Heaven Ain't The Place / City Sickness / Chain Gang / Car Bomb / Neck Bit.
Produced by Tuk, Lou & The Heart Attacks.
The Heart Attacks: Dave: guitars / Tuk: lead guitars / Chase: vocals / Paulie: bass / Amos: drums.
Every few years, a new generation of punks works its way back from Green Day to Nirvana to Black Flag to the Sex Pistols to the Ramones. Those who don't stop there at "Blitzkrieg Bop" usually make their way back to the first New York Dolls album, and the result is albums like the debut from the Heart Attacks. Glammy and garagey in equal doses, with theatrical vocals and shout-along choruses dueling with great Johnny Thunders-style brash guitar riffs, "Heart and Scissor Killers" is shamelessly derivative but hugely fun. Unlike many bands working this style, the Heart Attacks understand that the Dolls' secret weapon was their devotion to '60s pop sounds, so songs like "Guilty" and "You Were Warned" have catchy tunes to go along with the distorted guitars and attitude. Energetic and entertaining, "Heart and Scissor Killers" is a great way to kill a half-hour. Dig the excellent rooster shags and mascara look on the front cover as well. Source

The Heart Attacks were a glam punk band from Atlanta, Georgia, and were signed to Tim Armstrong's Hellcat Records. In April/May 2007 the band toured throughout the southern United States as part of a Hellcat Records package tour. Later that year, the band embarked on an extensive East Coast tour that stretched from Florida to Massachusetts, and included a handful of dates in the Mid-West (e.g. Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland)n as well. Their first album, "Heart ad Scissor Killers" featured all original members, Chase, Tuk, Dave, Paul, and Amos. The band was offered a place on the 2005 Warped Tour caravan but due to a scheduling conflict and unable to follow the tour, Amos was replaced by Brad, who became their steady drummer until 2007 when he made the decision to continue his education. During the Warped Tour, their bus broke down in California and with the aid of locals, they made their way back home to Atlanta. Fortunately, they also became acquainted with Tim Armstrong in this time period, and left Brand Name Records for a better-known label. This decision proved fruitful as the band released a more widely advertised album "Hellbound and Heartless" in 2006, featuring a duet between Chase Noles and guest singer Joan Jett. In late 2008 lead guitar player Tuk and Bass player Portwood started a side project along with Joey from Vengeance 77 dubbed Poison Arrows and later the Biters. After lead vocalist Chase Noles was thrown into jail and Bassist Portwood went back to rehab the Heart Attacks would soon call it quits, it seems that it was the end of the Heart Attacks. Source
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THE HEART ATTACKS "Heart And Scissor Killers" cd 2005


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Thanks MidnightRambler !!!!
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MANY thanks Rambler for this! I had a few days off of civilization and just saw your email. I'm very anxious to hear it, I waz looking for it for AGES!!! Rumors are saying it's better than Hellcat's release...