SOUR JAZZ - Homage To Catatonia

SOUR JAZZ Homage To Catatonia [Recorded Live At Sala De Apolo, Barcelona, 16.06.2010]
Fun Dumb Daze / King Me / I've Got It All/ Rock & Roll Star / I've Gotta Change / Masquerader/ Mrs. Popular / Big Generator / I Wanna Live / Steamroller.
Sour Jazz: Mr. Ratboy: guitar / Mr. Popular: vocals / Cowboy Mark: bass / Splat Action: drums + special guest: Daniel Rey: guitar.
Artwork by Cowboy Mark.
In June 2010, SOUR JAZZ stumbled through a series of headlining gigs in Spain, touring in support of their latest album, 'American Seizure.' For this tour, SOUR JAZZ were joined by very special guest, DANIEL REY, on guitar. Apart from producing the last two SOUR JAZZ albums -- 'Rock & Roll Ligger' and 'American Seizure' [both on Acetate Records] -- Daniel has previously played with and produced bands such as The Ramones, Ronnie Spector, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Richard Hell, The Misfits, Nashville Pussy and countless others. Never before had so much cunning talent shared one stage. Downright historical, that's what it was. One for the history books, one for bleary-eyed fans to look back upon with equal parts fondness and disbelief. Now, SOUR JAZZ invites you to enjoy a stunning array of mega-hits from their heroically glorious back catalogue -- songs of love, songs of despair, songs of filth and of tenderness and longing. Recorded live at Sala de Apolo in Barcelona on 16 June 2010, this official live release should do the job of seriously upsetting your neighbours. SOUR JAZZ are currently in the studio, recording a new album with Daniel Rey handling the production.
Get it in wav HERE or in 320 kbps HERE.

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SOUR JAZZ "Homage To Catatonia" wav & 320 kbps 2011

Thanks to Sour Jazz for this Christmas gift !

Garageland a dit…

special thanks!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…


((( dO_Ob )))

Anonyme a dit…

for all sound gift


Anonyme a dit…

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Clampy a dit…

Excellent! The boys never fail to impress. Here's to hoping for new tunes in the near future!!

Clampy a dit…

Excellent! The boys never fail to impress. Here's to hoping for new tunes in the near future!

UC Dave a dit…

Excellence! I have waited a long time for this, and I must say there can be no disappointment where Sour Jazz is concerned! Keep it up and bring us more!

SerialSinger a dit…

I take the chance of your latest post to ask you a favour: having seen that you posted much time ago a huge powerpop compilation (no longer available) including "Fought For You" by Eddie & The Hot Rods, I'm asking you if possible to repost that song only (or the full 45 single including "Hey Tonight") if you (or somebody else reading this!) have it. Thanks so much and happy 2012!!!

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in particular to famous
MrMR & family

particular place to go !!!!

RDV 04/22 & 05/06

Mickey T a dit…

Excellent dual guitars from artists you've featured before. Mr Ratboy rocks. Great style. I love all the stuff he's done. I'll mention his work with Jeff Dahl as an example.
And Daniel Rey. Such impressive credentials and a great history. I always liked the Martinets and hoped we'd hear more from them.

Anonyme a dit…

Please repost the disc!
thank you

Mark a dit…

The album is back online and available for FREE at www.acetate.com or by going here: http://bit.ly/SourJazzHTC