THE BABYSITTERS - Live At The Marquee

THE BABYSITTERS Live At The Marquee 12'' EP 1986
Big Girls / Pickin' The Blues / Can You Hear It / Overkill / Frank Bough.
Recorded live on 18th-19th September 1986
The Babysitters: Buttz: vocals / Jimbo: guitar / Boo: drums / Stik: bass.
"The 'Sitters formed in and around 1983. I was running a clothes shop in Carnaby St. & playing in a band with Neil X- (later of Sigue Sigue Sputnik fame). It was awful, We called it the Baby Slitters. Neil thought he was Johnny Thunders, and I didn't know that Johnny Thunders was still alive. I didn't realise that Neil was auditioning for what would later become Sputnik. He sacked me because my girlfriend (at the time) was too fat. I thought that the whole avant 'Kensington' crowd were fucking horrible,.. they only drank small drinks. Us Carnaby St Nutters were real, but getting bored with the music scene. I had just come off the end of a tour with the Clash, and had decided that punk was now officially dead. I was hanging about with psycho billy band the Meteors, and went to see them at 'The Halloween monster bash' at the Lyceum Ballroom. Third on the bill were Hanoi Rocks. To me, it was a breath of fresh air,… but the crowd...everyone shouting abuse at them, (Short haired tattooed Psycho arseholes with more hair than brains). They were as dead as the punks who invented them. The very next day, Mike Monroe & Nasty came to my shop, and we began swapping clothes...Anyway, to cut a long story short,… it turned out that the late great Razzle used to go to school with two guys...Jimbo & Boo. I met them for the first time at a 'Blind rehearsal'. Jimbo turned up on a motorbike with two girls attached, (one in the coffin shaped sidecar), it was well tasty. Pig the drummer was kind of snatched from the first line-up of Marionette, and Boo was just kind of there, he was the only musician in the band to start with, but he soon came around. It was the best group I ever heard. I still have a tape of that first rehearsal. We booked a show at Gossips nightclub in Soho. We had 7 songs, one of which…('I'm goin' down').. had only one note, and was 7 minutes long. I have never been so drunk since. I have a tape of that first show. It is the worst music I have ever heard. It was so good..." Buttz taken from an interview that you can read on the blog : "Online Diary for all to see! "

"...The Babysitters' live at the Marquee' video is a wonderful historical document. It was filmed around the same time as Hanoi's ' Wasted years' video (1985). We were friends with the audience, knew them by name. I opened a night club (Buttz & Spike's) in Soho in '85 simply because there was nowhere for like-minded people to go after the pubs had shut. I suppose the band was also for our amusement. But all the tours were the same crowd running around the country, people hitching, and sleeping anywhere. Hotel,!!! What the fuck is an Hotel? Now, it's money is king, bands don't seem to move without a manager, agent and a catering corporation. All we needed seemed to be a bit of press and a telephone..." Buttz taken from the same interview
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THE BABYSITTERS "Live At The Marquee" 12'' EP 1986

"Question: You told me before that you never had a copy of your album, why wouldn't the record company give you any promos? Also, didn't you know anybody who could loan you the money?
Buttz: I never listened to our records. I hated them all. I never wanted them. All our records are dull and flat."
from the same interview... to be read here :

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