BUBBLE - Total Harmonic Distortion

BUBBLE Total Harmonic Distortion cd 2001
Days Like These / Under My Wing / Artificial Schizophrenia / Idle Feel Of Fame / Naked / Easier Than This / Black Hole / Super Psycho / By & By / Sunshine / Dreamsong.
Produced by Bubble.
Bubble: Share Ross: vovals, guitars /Brian: bass/ Bam Ross: drums.
"Bubble exploded on the Hollywood scene in '97 when leaders, Bam (drums) and Share (guitars, vocals) started out with guts and a vision
as just a two piece band of drums and guitar! The idea? To have a blast on stage, lose the pretence and get their rocks off musically! It must've worked because they were offered the band residency on "glitter/punk night" at Hollywood's Goldfinger's. Combining disgustingly hooky melodies, raspy vocals, loud guitars and punk attitudes, Bubble went from being an exciting unpredictable
group to becoming brash, alterna/pop/punk leaders at the forefront of the new "glitter" scene.
Their totally DIY self-produced 15 song album "how 'bout this?" is a shining example of great songs, spectacular hooks and is definitely a "classic-to-be". With the right Bubble blaster Brian Wong (bass), this band is charged with electricity and excitement!
Bubble has already done a very successful tour of Japan (April 2000) and returned there in December 2000 after hitting the UK with their high energy brand of rock n roll/pop/punk/sleaze.
This group has no shortage of credits, but that ain't what they're about! Delivering an unforgettable live set, this band is ready for world takeover. Bubble's "SparkleStar" will be in the upcoming movie - "Dancing At the Blue Iguana" starring Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly.
Bam used to bash skins for The Wildhearts & the Dogs D'Amour!
Bubble has already toured Japan, the west coast of the US and Great Britain to excellent accolades. Their second album, "Rockets And Volcanoes" has just been released to wonderful reviews in Japan and is scheduled for release in spring 2002 under the title, "Total Harmonic Distortion" in Europe and America just as the band heads off for SXSW, the UK and Japan again for more tours!!!
"Share and the boys rock on this cd like never before! Solid, honest,hard and raw! A "must get" cd to add to any collection. Keep rockin hard Bubble!" Source

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BUBBLE "Total Harmonic Distortion"

"It's only rock n roll but we die for it.
No gimmicks.
No novelties.
Just rock n roll with noisy guitars, bass and drums..."