PUSHTWANGERS - Don't Be Afraid!

PUSHTWANGERS Don't Be Afraid! lp 1988
Whorehouse / Perfect Heart / Rights For All? / I Won't Get Out Of Bed! / A Speach Held At The American Space Club / Smalltown Times / The Man You Love To Hate / European Song / Funeral Of Our Youth / Die Like A Virgin / Beyond These Walls.
Produced by 4-Eyed Thomas.
Pushtwangers: Z. Sael: bass / E. Forslin: drums / M. Lundborg: guitar / G.-A. Krantz: guitar, backing vocals, tambourine, string, backing vocals & piano arrangements / P. Liljander: piano, organ,piano & strings arrangements / Nome: vocals.
The third album...
All work on the covers by Max!
Thanks to Fabien!
Stay tuned for more... in a few days

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PUSHTWANGERS "Don't Be Afraid!" lp 1988

Here's the last vinyl rip of the Pushtwangers.
This one also existed in cd (Amigo AMCD 2013) but now it's out of print...
I think it will be easier to buy the vinyl. You can find a mint copy (or still sealed)for a few dollars on Gemm or eBay !
Stay tuned for "Push That Twang Into Motion" in a few days!

mikaelj a dit…

Thanks for all the Pushtwangers stuff. They were brilliant.
The cd release has 5 bonus tracks:
Coma/Mr Black/I Can't Stop Myself/The Chinese Soy Conspiracy/Strangler From Behind.
(glad I bought it back then :) )

Cositronico a dit…

Thank you very much for the Pushtwangers music. Really fantastic!!!

Anonyme a dit…

all in others
i can't stop myself

but send it if you can

thx for all


Pushtwangers: I Can't Stop Myself
flexi, 7" Split EP with Sator, Sonic Surf City & Sister James (1988)
free with Sound Affects # 3

flexi is too bad to be ripped !!!

Anonyme a dit…

help !! comment ripper correctement ???
allez jeter un oeil et une oreille ....

Anonyme a dit…

help !! comment ripper correctement ???


le disque a l air vachement bien en tout cas


Anonyme a dit…

cd ripp c'est pas posible par mikaelj ????

pour completer le post ???

mikaelj a dit…

Hi. Of course I can rip the cd and send it to you if you like, so you post in here on Sonsofthedolls I 'll ´scan the covers as well. Nice for all to have the cd-quality I guess :)

Just let me have a snail-mail address.
my mail: mikcat@frisurf.no

Anonyme a dit…

mikaelj & sotd for sure !!!


beblack a dit…

Hi, I'm looking for this album and can't find it anywhere. Would you please re-upload it?

Thanks in advance,