BLACK MOSES - Royal Stink

BLACK MOSES Royal Stink cd 2004
Can't Breathe (Turkey Neck) / Better Believe / So Good / Stevie / Lose Control / Thru You/ Royal Stink / She Got Da Moves / Baj (Oh Yeah).
Produced by G. Flynn & J. Jones.
Black Moses: J. Jones: vox, guitar, harp / G. Flynn: vox, bass / D. Axford: drums.
Between Thee Hypnotics and the Jim Jones Revue, here are the Black Moses !!!
“Black Moses' second album "Royal Stink" is a wonderful example of how a band that understands rawness, performance and songwriting can eclipse other similar minds with much greater budgets. Royal Stink was tracked live in the back of a pub fer chrissakes! That's keeping it real! Black Moses are able to sound raw yet well recorded, assuring that they will never have to hear the words "overproduced and slick" as a description of their music. All we know is that when the vocals howl, the guitars wail, the bass thumps, and the drums kick like they do both on stage and on Royal Stink, for us that is a magical combination, and we think you, too will agree when we say that Black Moses is a band that will restore your faith in Rock N' Roll... the real kind. Amen and Hallefuckinlujah.”
“This is garage rock that captures all the rawness and filth of classic Stooges and MC5 and makes it sound as fresh and exciting as it would have done thirty years ago, unlike the sanitised sound displayed by a lot of today’s wannabe garage revivalists. The record bursts into action with the balls-out rock assault of “Can’t Breathe (Turkey Neck)”, which drags you in with dirty bass, wailing guitars and pummelling drums. You will then find it impossible to escape the clutches of this record until the final note of last track “Baj (Oh Yeah)”. Every track is an absolute belter, making it very hard to single out individual tracks for praise ....”
"To put it in short, Black Moses have on this record created a glam rock monster that kicks and screams like a baby with a temper. It has restored my faith in rock'n'roll, and hopefully it wont be long before the population are once again collective believers, because Black Moses are simply so rock'n'roll that they demand even Mick Jagger to raise one of his heavily dosed eyebrows."
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BLACK MOSES: "Royal Stink"
“Black Moses play hard. Really damn hard. Jim straddles the stage like a slightly twitchy colossus, wrenching crushing guitar riffs out of deep-freeze storage while Zac simply punches his bass with a clenched fist, making noises like iron girders buckling.” (NME)

Anonyme a dit…

jim jones revue
thee hypnotics

more than garage rock !!!!

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Hell yeah! Thanks a lot for sharing this... :-D

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So Good!! many thanx!!!!

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Great album. Thanks a lot!

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Holy crap! This is incredibly brilliant stuff!5 star rock 'n' roll! Thank you, SOTD!