DENIZ TEK - 444 The Number Of The Beat

DENIZ TEK 444 The Number Of The Beat 2 x 7'' 1995
Hondo's Dog / Mesozoic Cave / My Wall° / *Not Right.
Produced by Deniz Tek.
Deniz Tek: guitar & vocal / J. Dickson: bass & harmonies / K. Steedman: guitar / N. Rieth: drums + °P. Hoyle: keyboards / *R. Younger: guest vocals.
"...Encouraged by his friend and ex-Birdman compadre Chris Masuak, Deniz Tek came back to Australia in 1991, intent on renewing himself musically. He began extensive touring in 1992 and, following a near career destroying disaster on the "Take It To The Vertical" tour of 1992 initiated a line-up that became known as The Deniz Tek Group. This line-up spent the next few years touring Europe, Australia and the USA, while releasing an EP and several albums ("Outside", "444 The Number Of The Beat", "La Bonne Route") Geographical difficulties became untenable in late '96 and the group split up. Deniz then continued with US based lineups and recorded albums with Wayne Kramer (MC5) (Dodge Main), skateboard stars Art and Steve Godoy (Golden Breed, The Last Of The Bad Men), a Montana based trio (Equinox), an experimental electronic duo with Jimi Hendrix's sidekick and amplifier designer Dave Weyer (Glass Insects), east coast hard rockers (Deep Reduction and DR2 featuring Rob Younger), and live work including tours and live albums with the Rationals' Scott Morgan ("Three Assassins", "Powertrane") and surviving members of Sonic's Rendezvous Band ("Getting There Is Half The Fun"). Deniz and wife Angie Pepper (Passengers) recorded her album "Res Ipsa Loquitor" in 2001. Deniz continued to record and tour extensively in the late '90s, while Radio Birdman reunified and began to work again..." Source

Deniz Tek has a great blog check it out here !

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DENIZ TEK "4 - 4 The Number Of The Beat"
Thanks to Mr D.!
Enjoy it & leave comments!

RetroKimmer a dit…

Deniz (Dr.) Tek has the greatest blog check it out here.... http://deniztek.blogspot.com
Thank you MR for all the kind things you do for my clients!!!!

Deniz a dit…

It was always meant to be "444 The Number Of The Beat". The record company seemed to miss the triple-entendre entirely, and let it go out with the mistake on the cover "4-4". They promised to correct it on the next pressing, but of course, there never was a next pressing. My fave track is the opener, a rocked up spaghetti western instrumental.

Best regards and thanks!


Hi Deniz,
Many thanks for the great Music !!!
Thanks also for the nice comment!
I will correct my mistake on the title now !
All the best ...

Anonyme a dit…

when in france with great team ?

psycho a dit…

mant thanks any chance of seeing equinox cd being up here. i'd love to hear. many thanks

Woody a dit…

Thank you very much for this Tek mini cd.

Anonyme a dit…

why not for equinox
try nice message to "deniz ..."
you have link in comment

thank you for the team

Anonyme a dit…

mini cd ???
not from 7" ???


Anonyme a dit…

7" <-> CD
title said : 2 x 7"

for D. TEK
no reedition for 1st EP VISITORS ?



A little late... but:

GOREVETTE = Nikki Corvette, the original Rock'N'Roll Girl from Detroit, meets Amy Gore, Gore Gore Girls' leading lady!!

Their "Lustfully Yours EP" is available on itunes USA and Internationally, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, IMVU, LimeWire Store, Amazon MP3 & Amazon on Demand.

Deniz Tek is playing lead guitar on 'Nothin's Gonna Stop Me' and trading licks with Amy Gore on 'Brand New Lover'


Check it & buy it !