DIZBUSTER - Gun lighter cricket

DIZBUSTER Gun Lighter Cricket cd 1993 320 kbps
In drag / Saucer daze / Esperanza's brue / Carnal action coil / Fire brain / Flying ginny / Crispy dangler / Background unknown / Prehistoric proof / 2nd floor.
Produced by Jeff Dahl.
Dizbuster : M. McCormick : guitar & voice / A. Clark : drums & voice / K. Telligman : bass / M. Alessi : guitar & backing voice.

Jeff Dahl produced this rockin' album that smokes like an out of control funny car on fire from the green to the checkered flags. Dizbuster tears through 10 songs without slowing down, although some cuts aren't as fast as "In Drag" and fall into a mid-tempo groove instead. Did I mention it rocks? Punk rock academy

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DIZBUSTER Gun lighter cricket 320 kbps + covers

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